The Scottish Licensed Trade Association is governed by a Non-Executive Board and consists of a Chairperson; SLTA President; SLTA Vice President; SLTA Treasurer; two members from the SLTA Regional Council appointed by the SLTA Regional Council and a maximum of 5 individuals appointed based on their skills set in fields such as Legal, Corporate, Multi-operator, Training, Communications and Public Relations. The Non-Executive Board has the responsibility for the long term national strategy of the Association.

The SLTA Audit Committee oversees the Association’s Finances and consists of the SLTA President, Treasurer and Secretary and one other non-SLTA member of the Non-Executive Board. The Audit Committee is also responsible for the oversight of the financial reporting process, selection of the independent auditor, and receipt of audit results both internal and external. The Audit Committee has charge of all financial matters relating to the Association, in consultation with the Regional Council.