31 August 2015

Founded in 1880 The Scottish Licensed Trade Association is the only national organisation which represents all sectors of the Scottish Licensed Trade Industry.   Members of the Association include publicans, hoteliers, restaurateurs, late night entertainment venues, clubs, and licensed grocers.   The SLTA is also supported by the main drinks suppliers in Scotland in addition to a number of companies providing services to the licensed trade.

The Association’s main role is to strive to protect and promote the rights and interests of licensee members; to advise members on matters affecting their business; to be actively involved and carry out such work for the protection, advancement or benefit of members in general; assist the election of Members to responsible representative bodies, to promote and protect the interest of members; promote and encourage training for all those involved in the Licensed Trade and to actively develop and promote good practice in the interests of members and customers.   Summed up – Trade Protection, Trade Development and Trade Liaison.

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association is governed by a Managing Committee (known as the ‘Parliament’), comprising  the duly elected National Office Bearers and representatives from each of the designated administrative areas.   In addition to this, there is an Executive Committee (known as the ‘Cabinet’) which consists of the National Office Bearers and two representative from each of the designated administrative areas.   These Committees debate and decide on The Association’s policies and strategic planning.



Membership - Who and Why?

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association’s membership is open to all sectors of the licensed trade that offer a wide range of hospitality and facilities.   Corporate Membership is also available to any commercial, professional or otherwise established body, firm or corporation not directly involved in licensed retailing but which supplies or serves the licensed trade.  Those who have retired from the licensed trade and were members immediately prior to retirement or were full-time members previously and intend to return to the trade, are eligible to apply for a Retired/Reserved Membership.

Only by being a member of The Scottish Licensed Trade Association can you gain access to our range of services and discounts and ensure your views and opinions are heard when the interests of the licensed trade are being discussed.