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Act now before it's too late

If your personal licence was issued on or before 1 September 2009 you need to act now

Personal Licence Holders have a vital job within the licensed trade. They authorise the sale of alcohol in both on and off sales businesses and ensure that each and every sale is legal. This is a considerable responsibility and, as such, Personal Licence Holders have two important obligations:

  • They must undergo refresher training every 5 years to refresh their knowledge of the licensing regime, and send the training certificate to the relevant Licensing Board
  • They must apply to renew their personal licence every ten years, and lodge the renewal application no later than 3 months before expiry date of the licence

If your licence expires on August 31 you must renew by May 31. If your licence expires after August 31 you can work out the deadline for your renewal by counting back three months.

You are encouraged to “kill two birds with one stone” by submitting your refresher training certificate along with your renewal application. A failure to renew in time will mean you can’t authorise sales of alcohol, train staff, apply for occasional licences or act as the premises manager.


SLTA Training Service - For the Industry, By the Industry

SLTA Accredited Courses – Personal Licence Holder (Scotland)

The SLTA in partnership with Flow Hospitality Training are providing access to a comprehensive suite of online training courses that have been specifically designed to deliver high quality and engaging training.

Book your team on our industry courses today – on successful completion of each qualification, candidates will be issued with an accredited certificate which should be submitted to local authorities.

SCPLH Online Training and Exam
£125.00 (ex. VAT)
The Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH) is the necessary training qualification that must be completed prior to applying for your licence and is suitable for anyone who does not yet hold one.

Our SCPLH training course is fully accredited by the SQA and meets the statutory requirements as set out in the Licencing Scotland Act (2005).




SCPLH Refresher Course
£95.00 (ex. VAT)
All Scottish Personal Licence Holders have a mandatory requirement to refresh their licensing qualification after 5 years from the date their licence was issued. This course revisits the 5 core licensing objectives.

Our SCPLH-R training module is fully accredited by the SQA and meets the statutory requirements as set out in the Licencing Scotland Act (2005).




PLH Training
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