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First Minister Announces Vaccine Certificate Plan In Address To Holyrood

First Minister announces vaccine certificate plan in address to Holyrood

TODAY’S announcement by the First Minister that the Scottish Government proposes to roll out vaccine certificates in nightclubs and larger event settings is a “threat hanging over the whole of the hospitality industry”, says the Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA).

Colin Wilkinson, SLTA managing director, said:-

Although the suggestion is that the wider hospitality industry will not be affected should the Scottish Government agree to the introduction of ‘Covid passports’ next week, it is a most unwelcome development for the licensed trade in general.

But a simple question is: where is the evidence that this is required for nightclubs and what is a night club? We are seeing a large spike in infection rates following the general reopening of the economy when a number of sectors fully reopened and Scottish schools have been opened for two weeks, universities and colleges are about to open, but nightclubs alone have been targeted with the possible introduction of a Covid status certification system at this time.

And what is a night club? With a wide variety of hybrid premises in the Scottish licensed trade market, how is this defined? Many pubs, bars and hotels are larger than nightclubs and offer various entertainments. Consultation with the industry before this announcement was made would have been helpful.

If Covid status certification is to be introduced, any system must be easy to use for both businesses and members of the public.

We await the finer details of how this scheme will work and will strive to work with the Scottish Government to ensure that their introduction, if that is what happens, is seamless and easy for all involved.”

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