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Managing Euro 2024 Success: Advice For Licensees Showing European Championship Football Matches

Managing Euro 2024 Success: Advice for Licensees Showing European Championship Football Matches

The 2024 UEFA European Championship is an excellent opportunity for pubs to attract customers eager to watch live matches in a lively and engaging environment. Scheduled from June 14th to July 14th, this tournament provides a unique chance to create memorable experiences for football fans while boosting your business.

If you plan to broadcast Euro 2024 matches in your pub, it’s crucial to have comprehensive management practices in place. Whether you’re seasoned in hosting such events or looking for guidance, the information provided here is designed to help you ensure smooth, safe, and successful operations throughout the tournament.

This guide, produced by the Scottish Beer and Pub Association (SBPA) in partnership with the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII), the Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA), TLT LLP, and UK Hospitality Scotland, aims to foster cooperation between licensing authorities, the licensed trade, and the police to ensure a safe and enjoyable tournament for everyone involved.

Key Advice for Licensees:

  • Coordination with Authorities: Notify local police and Licensing Standard Officers about your plans to ensure they can integrate these into broader safety measures.
  • Premises Compliance: Confirm that your Premises Licence conditions are met, including licensing for any external areas.
  • Safety and Security: Implement procedures for handling disturbances, ensure adequate staff training, and consider using Door Supervisors for crowd control.
  • Customer Experience: Manage alcohol consumption responsibly, plan for large crowds, and ensure adequate facilities and access for all customers.
  • Outdoor Screenings: Address additional considerations for outdoor screenings, such as noise levels and the safe setup of temporary structures.
  • Extended Hours: Plan for possible extended match times due to extra-time and penalties, and consider applying for extended licensing hours if needed.

For a comprehensive overview and detailed guidelines, download the full information pack by clicking the link below:

Download the Euro 2024 Licensee Information Pack

Prepare your pub to be the go-to destination for football fans this summer and make Euro 2024 a memorable and profitable event for your business.

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