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Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme Decoded

Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme Decoded

With DRS registration having commenced on March 1st, the spotlight is now on Scotland’s pubs, bars, hotels, and late-night venues. If you’re seeking expert insights on what you need to know and do, don’t miss the On-Trade Industry Discussion and Question Time hosted by the Scottish Licensed Trade Association.

With Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme due to commence on 16th of August this year, many concerns and issues remain on how exactly this will all work. The SLTA has brought together leading experts to inform and discuss, with particular focus on Scotland’s On-Trade, the impact this will have on the day-to-day operation of these businesses.

Hear directly from Simon Jones, Chief Operating Officer of Circularity Scotland regarding their role within the scheme and how it will operate for those in the DRS Closed Loop.

Chaired by Dave Hunter, Assistant Editor of the Scottish Licensed Trade News, Industry leaders will also be on hand to talk about the challenges to be faced and a Q&A session will provide an opportunity to raise questions directly with those responsible for running the Scheme.

The SLTA’s free advisory seminar will take place at the Liquid Academy Live Stage, part of the ScotHot 2023 Exhibition in the SEC, Glasgow, on Wednesday 8th of March at 12 noon. 


The event is being streamed live through the Scottish Licensed Trade News and can be watched here.


If you have a question on how the scheme will operate for your pub, bar, restaurant, hotel or late night venue, then simply email your question to and these will be put to the experts on the day.*


Dave Hunter, Assistant Editor, Scottish Licensed Trade News

Simon Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Circularity Scotland

Leon Thompson, Executive Director, UKHospitality Scotland

Paul Togneri, Senior Advisor, Scottish Beer and Pub Association

Colin Wilkinson, Managing Director, Scottish Licensed Trade Association

*(We may well be unable to ask all the questions received, but all questions received will be passed on to Circularity Scotland for a response).

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