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Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership Relaunch

Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership Relaunch

The Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership (SAIP), a vehicle for the alcohol industry to work together to support, devise and deliver initiatives that promote responsible drinking and contribute towards tackling alcohol-related harm in Scotland, has been relaunched.

SAIP’s relaunch includes a new website and the group has also produced a report which gives a snapshot of the many initiatives and programmes the alcohol industry is supporting, both jointly through the partnership and individually.

Current SAIP initiatives include:

  • Promotion of the 125ml wine measure in the on-trade
  • The ‘You’re Asking For It’ campaign to reduce underage drinking by tackling the adults who buy alcohol on their behalf, known as a proxy purchase
  • Drinkaware at Work: partnering with Drinkaware to support the rollout of this programme which is designed to support employees in making better, more informed choices about their drinking

While there is more to do to improve Scotland’s relationship with alcohol, there are indications that trends are going in the right direction.

SAIP and its members – which include the SLTA – are committed to playing their part in promoting responsible consumption and tackling alcohol-related harm in Scotland.

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