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Urgent Plea For Parity: Scottish Hospitality Seeks Equality In Rates Relief

Urgent Plea for Parity: Scottish Hospitality Seeks Equality in Rates Relief

While celebrating the achievements and resilience of the Scottish hospitality industry, there is an underlying concern that threatens the very fabric of our unique community hubs. The call for parity in rates relief with our English counterparts has never been more critical.

At the heart of this urgent plea is a petition that resonates with the sentiment of countless businesses across Scotland. The petition urges the Scottish Government to acknowledge the pressing need for equality in rates relief, specifically advocating for a 75% rates relief grant to bring Scottish hospitality establishments in line with those in England.

Without immediate action, the consequences for the Scottish hospitality sector are dire. The SLTA warns that failure to grant equal rates relief could lead to the decimation of our beloved bars, restaurants, and hotels. The looming threat of closures casts a shadow over the vibrant communities that these establishments anchor, jeopardising not only economic stability but the very essence of our unique social fabric.

Why Parity Matters:

The demand for parity in rates relief is not a mere financial request, it is a lifeline for businesses that have weathered unprecedented challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on the hospitality industry, and while English counterparts benefit from a 75% rates relief grant, their Scottish counterparts are left grappling with a significant disparity.

The SLTA argues that achieving parity is not just about economic survival, it’s about acknowledging the vital role these businesses play in the cultural and social tapestry of Scotland. Our bars, restaurants, and hotels are more than just places of commerce, they are the beating heart of our communities, fostering connections, celebrations, and shared experiences.

Immediate Action Needed:

The SLTA implores the Scottish Government to take immediate action before it’s too late. The threat of closures looms large, and the longer the delay in addressing this issue, the graver the consequences for our hospitality sector and the communities it sustains.

Sign the petition today, stand with the SLTA, and let’s ensure that Scottish hospitality gets the equality it deserves.

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