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Vaccine Certification Verification Scheme Update

Vaccine Certification Verification Scheme Update

The Scottish Government has produced updated information on the Vaccine Certification Verification Scheme   This includes an FAQ section for businesses who will need to comply with these regulations following questions put to the Scottish Government by the industry.

One such question was:-

“If an in-scope premises that would not ordinarily have door staff is unable to hire new trained staff to check Vaccine Certificates at the door, will they need to close at midnight?”

The following absurd response will effectively force a large number of businesses to go down the route of now closing at midnight due to a lack of SIA accredited door staff which will be required to “refuse” entry to anyone who does not have a covid passport:-.

It is for operators to determine the best approach to compliance with Vaccine Certification, which may vary depending on the type of late-night premises.  There is no requirement in the regulations for those checking vaccine certificates to be industry accredited security personnel (hold an SIA license), but if checking is being carried out by door staff (manned guarding of licensed premises) and the task of refusing entry to anyone would fall to the person carrying out the checks, then an SIA license would be required. Operators should also check the terms of their insurance arrangements where there may be a requirement for staff in certain roles i.e., door staff, to be industry accredited security personnel.”

The vaccine certification scheme applies to late night premises with music, alcohol and dancing between midnight and 5am.

A premises qualifies as a late-night venue for the purpose of the vaccine certification scheme if it meets all of the following conditions:-

  1. Alcohol is served at any time between midnight and 5am
  2. There is a dancefloor, or other space which is regularly used for dancing by customers, and
  3. Live or recorded music which customers normally dance to is played

Any premises which meets these conditions is required to implement the vaccine certification scheme. This includes, for example, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels, social clubs and adult entertainment venues (this list is not exhaustive) if the premises meets the above conditions.   A copy of the guidance on the Vaccine Certification Scheme can be found here.

A copy of the FAQ section can be found here.

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