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Scottish Parliment

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association is the only organisation which represents all sectors of the licensed trade and is seen by many as the ‘voice’ of the pub trade in Scotland.

The Association is consulted by Governments, both at Westminster and Holyrood;  National Boards;  and the Media when the interests of the trade are under consideration.   Members are also represented at local government level through our network of Local and Regional Trade Associations. The Scottish Licensed Trade Association continues to work hard to represent our members’ views on an extensive range of issues including:

  • The survival of the pub trade – with ever-increasing overheads and legislation detrimental to the trade.
  • Minimum Pricing and deep-discounting promotions – Government must address irresponsible retailing.
  • Social responsibility – recognition that the majority of on-trade licensees are  responsible retailers – the problem lies elsewhere.
  • Equality of Commercial Rates – on-trade premises are the only licensed retailers that are based on turnover.
  • Importance of rural pubs and hotels – aid and recognition for this and sometimes the only, vital community asset
  • Unfair trading practices – registered clubs operating in the same manner as full licensed premises.
  • The need to review the short-comings of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and its many and varied Subordinate Regulations.
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