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UK’s First Exclusively Vegetarian And Vegan Pub

UK’s first exclusively vegetarian and vegan pub

Bruce Grey, a former director of operations at Scottish brewer and retailer BrewDog who operates craft-ale pub Small Bar in Bristol, has opened the first pub in the UK to exclusively serve vegetarian food and drink. From bar snacks and beer, to mains and wine, everything at Adam & Eve in the Hotwells area of Bristol is meat-free and up to 80% of the menu is suitable for vegans, the Bristol Post has reported. Grey said: “During our research, we couldn’t find any other vegetarian and vegan pub in the UK – there are cafes and restaurants, but no pubs.” Grey has created a combination of traditional and world dishes, from roast dinners to Moroccan tagines and Japanese udon soup. He said: “Everything we pour at the bar is vegetarian. Ultimately, we want locals to come in for a drink and people who are intrigued by our menu to travel to us.” Grey was director of operations from 2009 to 2012 and helped open its first bar in Aberdeen.

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